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Welcome to the Replace Car page! Here we can post up the car that you are looking for, and get into contact with the dealership that best suits your need. All we need in this section is the kind of car you are looking for and any specifics you are looking for in the car you are seeking. You have the option in either negotiating with the dealership on a price or having us negotiate for you. Email your search to sales@replacemyvehicle.com

Here is the template to follow when mailing us the car you are looking for:

Location: (City you currently live in) 







Travel Range: (How far you are willing to go to get your car) 

Comments: (For what changes are acceptable in finding your car) 

Fill out another template in case we can't find the primary car you are looking for. Make sure you specify what your primary search is compared to your secondary choice. 


Make sure you check the Dealership Page to see if a dealership has responded to your search. We will designate a customer number to you. Be sure to look for your customer number on the Dealership page when looking for your response. 

* Lake Tapps * USA * Fax: (253) 862-3321 * Sales@replacemyvehicle.com

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